Color settings and upgrades

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Gary writes,

I just upgraded my Mac to OS 8.1 (I've hesitated upgrading to 8.6 and 9.0
because I read that there were conflicts with Photoshop). I have both 5.0
and 5.5 in the computer and have set them to emulate the color settings for
Photoshop 4.0. If I calibrate my monitor with Colorsync will I have a
conflict with my photoshop settings?>>

No, but your images won't look the way they used to on screen, if that
upsets you. That's true for PS 4 as well as PS 5. The program's
calculations aren't affected by what you may do to calibrate the monitor.

I've just read Mr. Margulis article in the December 2000 issue of
Electronic Publishing about upgrades. I would like to upgrade to
photoshop 6.0 but as I mentioned before I'm still operating on 8.1
and if I would upgrade to 9.0 come January it will be time to upgrade
to OS X. I'm running a 7100/80 Mac.>>

I think with a box that old your decision to avoid 8.5 and up is a smart
one. That rules out the use of Photoshop 6. When you buy a new Mac, then
you'll have a new OS, and you can decide where to take it from there.

Dan Margulis

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