Re: Dan's "Black Hole" image

Ron Bean <rbean@...>

Dan Margulis <> writes:

I'd like to see reviews of digital cameras (either in print or on
the web) that use images as challenging as this one.>>

Good luck. First of all, the technology is improving so rapidly that almost
any review is obsolete by the time it appears.
That's why I suggested a website.

Second, you don't often see
reviews of either cameras or scanners written by people who are
particularly knowledgeable about the subject.
True, but it only takes one...

Third, few if any reviewers
see these cheap digitals as the revolution that they are, and the rest
insist on comparing them to previous film-based products.
Well, there are a couple of magazines devoted to consumer-level
digital cameras, and they don't give a flip about film.
The photos they've published in the past aren't that impressive,
but that could change as the technology improves-- especially if
a few of them would read your book...

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