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Dave Badger <dbadge@...>

I've been spending days trying to figure out why my previews in PS6 don't
match my previews in PS5 despite loading identical RGB & CMYK working spaces
and making sure I was viewing untagged files so they would we forced to use
those working spaces and not any embedded profiles within them. It didn't
matter which set of working spaces I used. The relative differences were
always there; the PS6 preview was significantly more saturated. I did a
RGB>CMYK conversion of the same file through both versions and ran it to the
Iris; they were identical and confirmed the PS5 preview was correct. (Along
with the numerical values).

I then went back to PS5 and started switching my ColorSync profile between
ColorMatch RGB, Abobe 98, and Wide Gamut. The preview changed; which makes
sense as your telling PS5 to run the color through different monitor
profiles which should change they way they look. There was no change
toggling between "ColorMatch RGB", "Pressview XL", and "Display Pressview
XL". I figured this was because all are generate by the Pressview
calibrating software and are identical profiles. (?)

I then went back to PS6 and ran the same experiment. But this time there was
no change in preview regardless of which profile I pick in the ColorSync
control panel (v 2.6.1).Only if I went to View and picked "Monitor RGB" in
the proofing list, did it matched PS5 (This is only available with RGB
subjects opened). This tells me maybe PS6 is not getting its monitor profile
from the ColorSync control panel. So I opened the Monitor Control Panels and
switched it from "Pressview XL" to "ColorMatch RGB" and while the display
lightened a bit, the previews now match.

1) I thought I read that PS6 was compatible with ColorSync 2.6.1 & OS 8.6,
but is it picking the monitor profile through the Monitors Control Panel as
if it was using ColorSync 3? If so, it seems to be ignoring the system
profile I choose in ColorSync.

2) ColorSync 3 would not install; is it compatible with OS 9 only?

3) What is the difference between "ColorMatch RGB", "Pressview XL", and
"Display Pressview XL" AND the "ColorMatch RGB" installed by PS. (Two
"ColorMatch RGB"s show up in both control panels.)

This is not a problem unique to Pressview as I went to my LaCie calibrated
with OptiCal and changed the Monitors Control Panel from "electra22" to
"LaCie 12/8/00" (My latest OptiCal profile) and solved the same problem
described above.

Dave Badger

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