Re: pixelated prints from film cameras

Andrew Engelhardt

Fuji makes mini-labs now that basically scan the negatives and print them
digitally to photographic paper. The problems arise when the machine is set
to over-sharpen the files or the operator decides on the amount of
sharpening. I don't know a whole lot about these machines but I do know that
our company encountered a lot of these kinds of problems when they first
bought a bunch of them. I still much prefer good old "optically" reproduced

Andrew Engelhardt

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From: Clare []
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 1:14 PM
Subject: [colortheory] pixelated prints from film cameras

Is it possible for a photo lab to somehow process negatives from a roll of
film and print them digitally? I have received some prints (from a client)
on normal photo paper which look grainy to the naked eye and when viewed
under a glass are badly pixelated, impressionistic looking. I have had good
prints on the same paper.
Could a person take a roll of film to be developed expecting sharp prints
and end up with pixelated prints? They are not too bad as snapshots but when
scanned are vastly inferior to regular prints and are hopeless to enlarge.
If this is possible, what should be said to the photo lab (or drugstore or
wherever) when dropping film off to ensure you do not get these bad prints.
Thanks for any feedback.

Clare Strange
TypeShop Ltd
New Zealand

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