Re: blue face

Andrew Engelhardt

Here's what I ended up doing, don't know if this was the best way but it
worked pretty well. Converted the image to LAB, selected the A channel and
cloned colour information from unaffected areas of her face, did the same
with the B channel, adjusted the contrast a bit with L although "shape" of
her face wasn't really a problem, just had to darken it slightly to bring
back some shadow. This also worked great with some blue light that was
hitting part of her clothing and hair.

Andrew Engelhardt

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To fix this,
[make a mask]

I'm no expert, but maybe someone can tell me
what's wrong with the massively easier technique:

-magnify the area in question, so as to be able to focus on it
-adjust curves to fix the problem
-back up one on the history palette, set history source to the adjusted
-history-brush on the adjustment as appropriate

Dan Hepner

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