Re: Need help with web press cmyk

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

John Sweeney writes:

<<If the plates are "curved" at the CTP device (that is, non-linear), is
the color bar being changed ? For example, if the color bar has a nominal
50%, BUT is curved to 52%, (in this example, weight added to CTP curves to
closer match conventional) then we are understating the dot gain, if the
assumption is the original was 50%.>>

A solid color bar won't change, but semisaturated colors certainly
will--they'll get dirtier. It's OK to adjust the color settings of a
digital proofer to chase another output device, or with the color settings
of a monitor to chase a proof. Trying to adjust a press to chase another
press is considerably more difficult.

Dan Margulis

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