Re: SWOP ink limit

Dave Balderstone <dave.balderstone@...>

At 1:36 PM -0500 12/13/00, Dan Margulis wrote:
So, I think the request for 280 is to make it more palatable when the
printer rejects 305. In practice nobody is going to reject for 300 for a
magazine printed on coated stock.
We've run 300 on newsprint if we've had to, even though our spec is 240. We've even run higher than that on occasion after the agency has been informed, has told us they can't get new material to us in time, and has accepted that color is going to shift when the press crew works their magic. But you've seen our operation, and I'm sure little we do would surprise you. <s>

Since acquiring our newest scanner a couple of years ago, though, we prefer to scan the film, descreen, then re-separate.

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