Re: SWOP ink limit

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Several people have queried what the SWOP standard is for total ink, what
the reasoning for the limit is, and how strictly it is enforced.

SWOP calls for a maximum ink limit of 300% in any area of significant size
and 325% in tinier areas. The reason for the limit is to prevent drying
problems, poor ink trapping, and possible ink contamination.

Most magazines knock this limit down to 280%. AFAIK, the reason they do so
is for bargaining room in case the printer rejects the film. Most magazine
prepress houses and printers offer SWOP ad inspection as a service. At the
time I was active in the field the inspectors were looking for an area the
size of a dime or bigger, in which the total ink was 305 or higher. They
ignored smaller areas altogether.

So, I think the request for 280 is to make it more palatable when the
printer rejects 305. In practice nobody is going to reject for 300 for a
magazine printed on coated stock.

Dan Margulis

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