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Steve Upton <upton@...>

Greetings all,

I have just posted 9 profiles build on the standard SWOP TR001 dataset to profilecentral.com

The TR001 data set is one of the most accurate SWOP data sets produced to date. The data were collected using multiple measuring devices from a SWOP-compliant press run in 1993.

After some deliberation I produced the profiles based on the following settings.

- Black level (max black): 90
- Black generation: UCR, Light GCR, and Medium GCR
- TAC (Total area coverage or "ink limit"): 280, 300, 320

The profiles are available individually or in 3 packages (for 280, 300, and 320 levels). If these do not cover enough possibilities I could be persuaded to create additional profiles with different parameters.

These profiles are offered free of charge to the color management community. Please give them a try and then send us your feedback. They are suitable for RGB to CMYK conversions as well as proofing CMYK on screen or a printer. You should find that they all produce the same proofing effect and you need only download the different flavors for the purposes of creating different separations. If you unsure which set to use I would suggest the 300 set.

I have received some feedback concerning conforming to the new ICC spec as well as the CGATS.12/1
(PDF/X-1) header characterization data identification. I am eager to conform to both of these standards and will be update the profiles some time in the future. I will be in contact with the specific parties concerning these standards.

I hope you are able to find these profiles useful.

You will find them at:


Click on the search link and then select "Offset Lithography" in the Press area.


Steve Upton

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