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James Gray

I tried to install the latest PPW 5 that I downloaded from the web yesterday.  I presumed that downloading this month would include the latest and greatest actions.  It will not install because it is Photoshop version 21 and the installer demands versions 14 to 20.  Fortunately when I installed the new version of Photoshop it carried forward the PPW panel and it opens in Photoshop when I open version 21 (aka Photoshop 2020).  I did not delete Photoshop 2019 when I installed version 2020.  So I installed my latest download into the older version.  The new install did not give me H-K reversed in the "My Own Actions" panel.  All I have in MyActions is
Color Boost 2018-LAB
MMM Finetuned (need selection)
Two Sides - RGB
Lesser Hammer w/reduce sky halos -RGB 
Reduce BH sky halos (need BH)
BLM Detail copy

The last one is the only one I have added.  I do not have the H-K reversed action.  I would like to know how to get it.

James Gray

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Did I miss something?  

The My New Actions functionality comes with several default actions, of which H-K reversed is one. You just need to make the My Own Actions visible and double-click the one you want.

As with the panel’s standard actions, those contained in My Own Actions, including ones you load yourself, are seen as a single history state. If you run a long action out of the Photoshop’s Actions palette, you flush your entire image history, which is rather bad if you run it by mistake. If you rmake the same mistake on the same action out of the panel, Command-Z will return you to where you were.

Dan Margulis

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