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OK...I'll bite. Educate me. Crop Vs. Clip

Paul Beck
12 year photog, 7 year photoshop (high level user)
I thought at this lists level my statement would speak for itself. Guess not...

* CROP - a rectangular destructive edit which removes pixels.

* CLIP - a PostScript masking feature which is non desctructive, does not change canvas size, is editale and can be regular or irregular (any shape).

* Crop is an old photographic term.

* Clip is a PostScript Page Description programming language term.

I don't know if this comes down to local graphics 'dialect'...

Some users say they want to crop an image - when they mean make the background transparent.

To any literal and logical user, the two are totally different things.

But it does not seem to be the case. Another case of blue=cyan?

Stephen Marsh.

P.S. Sorry if yahoo screws up this post, egroups worked fine.

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