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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience shooting or dealing with
images that have been shot against a blue screen?
Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Light the screen evenly from top to bottom, side to side, use soft lights if
you can afford them.

Depending on the subject size you need to place it well in front of the
screen - minimum I'd say of 6'.

If going for a blue screen sometimes putting a slightly warm gel on the
backlight can help to kill the contamination; a light magenta if going for a
green screen though I've never lit a green screen only blues.

Get a proper blue screen and make sure when you mount it there are no
wrinkels in it. If painting a cyc get blue screen paint and apply several
coats for an even look.

Underexpose the screen about a stop and a half to get some saturation.


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