Re: scanning in RGB vs. CMYK: a major issue here!

Chris Murphy <lists@...>

The problem is as follow: several printers and publishers are saying
that they prefer if my company provide them the files as CMYK because
the files are easier to print. Also they do not care to give me the
output printer type or paper kind, so I do not know which profile
embed into my files. They keep say that CMYK is much better, because
with the K channel I get images with more vivid colors, more details,
better overall.
Translation of what printer is really saying: "I don't know what I'm
doing when it comes to RGB images and therefore I don't want to be
responsible for making disgusting awful separations. I want you to be
responsible for making disgusting awful separations. I know so little
about desktop color separation I can't even give you a hint as to what
settings to use in Photoshop to make a halfway decent separation for my
printing conditions."

What I would do if you are using Photoshop 6 is use the "U.S. Web Coated
(SWOP) v2" profile if you have no idea how things are going to print.
Otherwise you might try one of the coated or uncoated profiles in that
same list if you know in advance you will be printing to coated or
uncoated stock.

As for embedding profiles, I would recommend staying away from it when
dealing with outside printers who don't know color management let alone
how to make decent separations at the desktop level. An embedded profile
will not help them, so it won't help you. If you like them, use them for
your own purposes and save a no profile version for the printer/service

Chris Murphy
Color Remedies (tm)
Boulder, CO

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