Sorry about the rant (was: scanning in RGB vs. CMYK: a major issue here!)

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on 3/28/01 8:44 AM, Terry Wyse wrote:

Short rant:
It's high time printers get a clue and start "empowering" their customers to
give them correctly separated images. Whether it's ICC color management or
simply a proper "generic" PS CMYK setup doesn't matter. I get a bit weary of
hearing printers/prepress shops bitch and moan about the quality of the
images they're getting from their customers when they're providing them ZERO
help in improving the situation. The fact is, with "consumer" scanners
getting better/cheaper all the time and with the proliferation of digital
camera images, the number of supplied RGB images is likely to increase. So
HELP your customers get them right and they'll love you for it or you can
continue to tell them how lousy their images are and watch them take their
work to somebody who will spend some time working with them.
End of rant.

I just got scolded by the scanner supervisor of a large printer in the
Boston area where myself and my company helped them implement some color
management policies towards, we think, a very positive result. I was scolded
for lumping all prepress/printers in one "clueless on color management"
basket. My mistake. Naturally, there are those out there doing a good job
and being proactive with their clients in helping them supply good color. I
can tell you this, I believe those that either "get a clue" or hire outside
color consultants and "buy a clue" will see not only an increase in quality
but even an increase in customer loyalty (hard to come by these days). I've
seen this first hand.

I think I was a bit cranky because the last few days I've been working with
a photographic client that is running Corel PhotoPaint 9 on a Win98
platform. Not fun. I'd estimate that PhotoPaint 9 is about a
version-and-a-half behind Photoshop 6 in implementing color management. It's
been a struggle trying to get the results we expect.

So my apologies to those that I may have offended that have a clue and are
helping out their customers. To the REST of you, for shame..... :-)

Terry "I'd like to buy a clue?" Wyse

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