Re: Reverse Engineering Seps

Lee Varis

Dan wrote:

... You have to accept
that agencies and printers often screw up and when they do you will get the
blame, unless you take precautionary measures. Anything else is a fairy tale.
Yes... I got sloppy!

There are two possibilities of dealing with it: 1) complain about color
management and how printers should give out profiles; 2) use common sense.
LOL.. hits it right on the head...

What happened in your case is that you were shooting for best possible, but
your correction style left open the possibility of a very bad result indeed
under certain circumstances. If you had corrected in a more standard way you
would still have been unpleasantly surprised by the printed results, which
would have been slightly too light. But slightly too light is something that
clients live with all the time. Drab, muddy, and colorless, they don't like.
Yes, although I did compensate for the increased black with a Selective Color>Blacks move it still was too radical a correction because I separated to a lower ink limit and played with curves too much... it messed up the GCR. It might have worked... BUT, in the end the gamble didn't pay off.

Hopefully everyone on the list can learn from my mistake... like Icarus flying too close to the sun... I got burned by my own ambition!


Lee Varis

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