Re: Scanning old photos with faded dyes

Bruce Bowman <bruce.bowman@...>

Folks -- Just wanted to thank those who have responded to my inquiry. 

My wife and I held a Halloween party for 38 consecutive years (1982-2019) and we've collected extensive documentation of it. For the first 20 or so, I was still using film. The photos from first three years (roughly 100 of them) are the worst. After that, I must have used a different photo processor -- those prints have held up a lot better, and I haven't had to resort to such measures to restore them.

And yes, I am fortunate to have those previous images. With a lot of people in makeup (or other forms of gaudy disarray), I can't always count on "flesh tone" to gauge what the original may have looked like! And as you might imagine, I have a number of other photos in need of this kind of work but don't have any older scans to help me.  :-(

Anyway, I now have everything I need and also some good advice. I plan to tackle this sometime over the next month or so (i.e.: after I get done re-scanning the remaining 17 years). When that's done I intend to report back on my findings.

Thanks again,

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