Re: how to turn your pencil sketch into vector drawing

Hector Davila

I think it's a pretty good program for artist who want to convert a pencil sketch into vector.

There are lots of artist who would like to see their drawings on a computer screen.

Most of these artist might not know what "vector" means.

To reach those artist you might need to change the word "vector" to "your computer" or "digital image".

I like to do freehand drawings. So, I'm always looking for a freehand drawing program like 'Mischief'.

My only problem with your program is it isn't for freehand artist that want to transform their drawing style to
the computer screen. You would have to go over your 'lines' again, and then you would lose your 'style' in the process.

I wonder how a Picasso drawing would look finished in your program? Would Picasso original style be lost in the process?

It's no longer freehand if you have to go over with it again. I don't want to draw the same drawing ...twice.

So I just do freehand drawings directly on the Wacom tablet. I need to keep the flow lines and style intact.

If you look closely at a Picasso drawing lines, you can see there are mistakes in the drawing you would not want to correct or go over.

The sixth leaf is round at the tip and bent at the bottom side of the leaf. That's freehand.

All in all, it's a good program for people who want to convert a pencil sketch into vector.

Hector Davila

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