Re: Courthouse Wash: Results

Edward Bateman

Yeah… I was the guy who submitted 6 minutes before the deadline! No. 1103.

I’ve so wanted to contribute messages to the forum lately - but end of the school year responsibilities and a rapidly approaching exhibition have consumed all of my time. But I was determined to participate in this one! About 20 years ago, I was working at a studio and had to do just about anything that came thru the door - inclined fire damaged images and occasionally forensic work. So I was looking forward to this challenge - kind of brought back memories!

I started at the beginning of this challenge - just by playing. I knew that my strategy would be to build images for contrast, some for basic color and at least one with boosted color. Having made a range of tests, I found myself the night before the deadline with a lot of parts and the clock ticking.

One of my experiments was to take an IR image and Equalize all of the channels - and then use a Hammer to tame the contrast. I feel like I got some good use out of this. I also used the green channel for one - and curved it and again used a Hammer to tame the contrast. I may have had some use from a version that was Man from Mars color boosted. (I thought there was more color variation in the glyphs than there proved to be.)

Then is was the complicated matter of piecing all of those parts together. I never did feel like I got the whites to my satisfaction. (They were bright cyan in my color-boosted version - and I had to resort to Replace Color to get something out of it.) Whew! But I do love a challenge - and I would like to try this again to see if there are more elegant possibilities. I always think there are.

And just FYI: an anthropologist buddy at my university tells me that the latest thinking on the Freemont culture is that climate change with increasing droughts likely forced them to return to a more nomadic, hunter-gatherer life. Until widely spreading diseases from European contact decimated much of the indigenous populations.

Always things to learn and learn from. So I was grateful to be able to participate in these… so many thanks to all the brave souls who gave it a shot - and especially to Dan who never fails to amaze me!

-Ed Bateman

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