moderated Re: Case study announcement: Courtyard Wash


Dan said:
*The two pre-1980 photos that were posted for reference show thin white halos around the glyphs. So does at least one entry so far. Since I have not seen any indications of such halos in the Turner original photos, I am assuming that they represent unsharp masking on the part of whatever scanner operator or Photoshopper worked on those early images. I am not telling anybody to avoid USM, it can be useful in an assignment like this, but if the Fremont people were doing something similar I would like to know. So if anybody sees evidence that the halos were deliberate, please indicate.
My take on it is that there were three phases. First the petroglyphs were etched. Then, at a later date and probably by a different tribe, white pigment was added/overlaid creating pictographs. And ultimately everything was trashed. But on two of the included sample images there are definitely white outlines on most of the glyphs. And I do see extremely faint traces of these outlines around certain glyphs in my enhanced version of the default image. While they are not as defined or bright as the samples, I believe they are real. Also, has anyone else noticed all the gouges in the glyphs? These seem “new”, as I don’t see them in the supplied samples. Was this part of the original defacement, or is this a second one?
HTH – Steve J

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