Re: High Andes: Dan's comments

Doug Schafer

Once again my compliments to Dan for taking so much time and effort to help us all learn and do better; via many different images. If learning wasn't so much fun, I might have gotten frustrated trying to solve so many problems.

The "real" problem is not achieving the results technically; but rather understanding, analyzing, and deciding what is important, what needs changing, and what colors, contrast, luminance, etc. would be the desired result.

And one more new learning... While usually blended results (to get a par image) invariably yields a better result than any individual image, all blended images are not equal; and some can be less desirable. So it is back to the basics every time: analysis and making the right decisions; then technically executing a good result (and checking the result to verify it matches the desired end state). If enough time available; make an additional correction and blend the two (or more) and assess again.

Doug Schafer

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