Re: High Andes: Dan's comments

Jim Sanderson

These have been quite instructive exercises for me. Mine in this exercise was 1003.  I do wish I’d toned down the luminosity of the face a bit but otherwise am happy with the outcome.  I need to go back now and go through a number of the exercises and rework them in light of the suggestions given to us by Dan. A number of his demonstrations have certainly opened my eyes to many possibilities. 

Looking forward to the 11th exercise in a week or two.  Can’t thank Dan enough for his efforts and the imparted knowledge he’s given us. 

Jim Sanderson

, with purpose and great thought. 

On Apr 10, 2021, at 3:45 AM, John Gillespie <john@...> wrote:

Another comprehensive, instructive and entertaining lesson from Dan, it will take a while to absorb all the various points and techniques listed.
I have not previously explored the various sub-components of the Sharpen 2018 action, the example in 1015 was enlightening, as was the detail on the Colour Boost 2018 in 1018.
Many thanks.

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