High Andes: Dan's comments

Kenneth Harris

Perhaps this deserves a separate thread, but I'd like to drop this in here as this exercises wind up. What interests me most here is the question of the wisdom of crowds vs the judgement of experts, going back the MIT "retoucher" used as a model for the AI programing. For a crowd to be make good assessments, it needs to large, diverse, and not self-conferring. Can a crowd make good esthetic assessments? What happens when the MIT researchers anoint the chosen one to train the AI? How does that bake in bias, and at the same time open up room for expression by creating a norm from to counter? Professionally, I have to land a picture in a spot where the photographer, the client, the model's agency, the ad agency, the stylist, and hair+makeup are all okay with the picture, and not just do that, but satisfy all these stakeholders while doing the thing I'm also hired to do, not have it look like it came out of a major shop, ie, simply checking those boxes and being done with it. It was easy for me to produce images that deviated meaningfully from my anticipated typical submission, yet if was hard for me to produce a par that had a major variance from Dan's, which for me opens more questions in terms of bias/background, set size, and the generalizability of pictorial esthetics.

Ken Harris

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