Re: High Andes: Results

Bill Theis

In my submission #1002 witness the rare "100% native blood Latin American" Scandinavian.  In my zeal to avoid making her swarthy like I did for the Mantillas, I lightened the entire face dramatically.  I also accentuated the dirt on her face which I found charming (the exact opposite of #1013 which improves mine when blended at about 30%).  I know the exact curves step where I did this as I wrestled with just how light and what skin color was desired neglecting what her true darkness and color might be.  In the end I guess I made a Caucasian, one with a filthy face.  I think a couple of others fell into this trap (I'm looking at you, #1024) but others went for very, very dark.  Lots of blends are possible....

My belief is that this image is all about shape in the face but being conscious of not significantly altering the vivid clothing (so no blending green into red to help the face without care).  This was a difficult but instructive exercise and I look forward to Dan's demonstrations.

Bill Theis

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