Re: Shasta: Results

Gerald Bakker

The par is more saturated indeed, but I think this only works well for the foreground.
Well, why not... I downloaded both 926 (Jim's) and 930 (par), to see if I could make a blend for an even better version.

  • 926: excellent background, maybe a bit pale
  • 930: excellent foreground, background too much color, especially the sky
Start with 930 and add two copies of 926 on top. The first in Luminosity, the second in Color.
On the Lum. layer, add a layer mask that is black for roughly the bottom half, white for the top half (best use a gradient to make the separation). For a darker sky, reduce opacity to taste (I chose 75%).
On the Color layer, add a layer mask en apply the Blue channel to it (Background or merged, doesn't matter much).
The result is a version that has most of 926's background and most of 930's foreground. I think it's better than both.
Gerald Bakker

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