moderated Re: Case Study: Land of Pagodas

Robert S Baldassano

My entry was 828. I am not sure how I really feel about mine compared to all the entries including PARs. Mine seems to have the most yellow pagodas and that is most likely wrong. Having spent a year in Thailand during the Vietnam war, I should have tried to make my structures more reddish and not yellowish. My original goal was to have the foreground Pagodas come out of the shadows, but perhaps mine is a bit too bright, though not the brightest. I started in Nikon NX Study where I could manipulate the original settings. I did use an auto tone mode in NX Studio before I moved to PS 2021 with a 16 bit TIFF. I wanted to reduce the haze a bit but keep some of it so that the pagodas deep in the scene would still stand out. I liked the way my mountains came out. I focused quite heavily on the colors of the greenery and used the guides for color from Dan’s guidance, playing mostly with the A&B channels in LAB. I did do a luminosity move of blending red into RGB in darken mode. I am not sure it that would cause the same darkening of leaves that Dan talked about when blending Red into green.  In the end I am not completely happy with my overall result, but I also did not like many of the very dark or very light versions. But as has been said this exercise may have no right answer, but a number of potential very good versions. I think I need to spend more time thinking about the whole image before I start.


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