Re: Land of Pagodas: Results

Doug Schafer

"So that lead me to wonder how many in this group are using the dark interface and if that is having a noticeable effect in how we are making and evaluating our corrections?
" . . . .
I use the dark i/f for tools and panels but for image window bkgd I use slightly darker than mid grey (rgb 100) and rarely use real full-screen (no menu bar); (but zoom to 100% frequently) using a 27" 4K monitor. Actually dual monitors with 2nd monitor as portrait layout for all panelsĀ  (and reading portrait docs). I don't notice a significant visual effect going to full screen with black bkgd.

I have all graphics programs with same i/f style as Ps, for consistency.
And I also walk away often to refresh my eyes, and always wait hours, to a day, before submitting anything, and still sometimes find something to change when seen with fresh eyes days later.

Other thing I notice is only color managed programs display "correct" colors (Ps, Affinity Photo, etc.). Even using sRGB, all dedicated image viewers (i.e. IrfanView, FastStone, etc.) seem to display slightly over-saturated (+ 4 in Lab) for color saturation. Also I have yet to find an excellent color sampling generic utility tool (that shows LAB) to use outside of Photoshop, when Ps is not open, for any part of monitors (yes I know I can drag Ps color eyedropper tool outside of Ps). I have tried Watch Colours, Color Picker, etc.); but still looking for better tool for win10.

Doug Schafer

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