moderated Re: Case Study: Land of Pagodas

Dan Margulis

On Mar 20, 2021, at 8:47 PM, Robert S Baldassano <robsbphotog@...> wrote:

Dan, I think I understand why you go into great detail in comments on some of the images, as they are great teaching moments. In my submissions your comments are generally terse as in Choir you stated blocked shadows, blown highlights, green hair for the conductor. Is this because my errors are so basic no further comments are required or that I would be better in starting over or spend more time rereading your books?

It isn’t feasible for me to comment at length on every image. Therefore, when I do offer an extended comment it’s normally because I want to show a certain technique that people may not have thought of, or how a measurement could have been taken that would have shown a problem that the member didn’t perceive but became painfully obvious when the other versions were posted.

If a person after seeing his version writes “I now see that my version is too dark” or “I wish I had made it warmer” there’s no need for me to add anything unless I disagree, because the solutions to these problems are well known. If I point a problem out because the person hasn’t done so himself, it isn’t an injunction on how to proceed.


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