Re: Choir: Dan's comments

john c.

I am responsible for 715 which was used in the par version.  Since we didn't have a raw file, just ones that were either too dark or too light, I began by using them both to get an extended range original. This helped to get detail in the gold. Most of the work was done using levels, curves and H/S adjustment layers, then VH, the added blue channel in soft light mode, then I dodged and burned using masked curves layers in order to even out the lighting from front to back, but sorry Dan, I downplayed the painting on purpose, deciding to make a subtle beam of light coming from the window onto the choir. There's nothing wrong with flattering the painting though. Just a matter of where I want to viewer's eyes to wind up. I actually prefer a darker version I have, but from experience I've found that this group prefers things to be lighter and warmer than what looks good here. I guess I should know my numbers better so the display isn't a crutch. Thanks to everyone and especially Dan for all the hard work and creative problem solving.

john c

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