Re: Choir: Dan's comments

Doug Schafer

Dan, I appreciate your answer and it drives me to ask more...although I "think" I know the answer.

To achieve  “individual acts of unusual cleverness” to remain, I would think if the multiple images averaging was not "stupid" (i.e. pure equal balanced %'s) but rather "smart/intelligent" where user decides how much % for each layer to place emphasis on keeping certain effects, Then sometimes an intelligent par version could be better than stupid par?

And if true, are there any special "tricks" or techniques? Or simply a matter of trial/error (intelligently done) as to layer stacking order and % applied from each layer. For example you often suggest a blend of 25% or 40% etc to get the desired effects? And I assume we must use a background/bottom layer of 100%?

And, for the choir image, if you did a different intelligent par image, which images to blend and what order, and what percentages?  I could see wasting many hours and achieving where to start? How to think thru an approach? Pick the best where one has a problem offset by another? Or simply pick the best 5 and trial/error blend them?

Doug Schafer

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