Choir: Results

John Furnes


Mine is 734

I found this to be the most difficult so far, with skin tones, saturated red, all the gilded things and different light sources and colour casts, and of course noise.

And again I have gotten the magenta into everything.  Adjusting for magenta and luminosity, I think my version is not too bad – still a bit dark though.

I did much in ACR before PS, and most of the treatment happened in LAB and PPW

I think no. 727 is very good with a more interesting focus and all over balance than any other.


Having seen the results, I tried to go all PPW using the recipe for faces 2015 (page 406 second edition  LAB), but used Lesser Hammer instead of Velvet Hammer. The result was much better than my 734, but it would need some more adjustments.  Time spent was less than 5 minutes as opposed to several night hours for the first entry.

By reading L*a*b numbers, this is not far off the par version, but as said, still a bit dark/ murky


So, the learning has to be kept going.


John Furnes



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