Re: Affinity Photo Macros

John Bongiovanni

Thanks, Robin, for sharing the macro.

My blood pressure elevated a bit just figuring out how to import it.  You have to have an image open to do it (!). Your macro  works nicely, but 103 steps in the macro  for something conceptually simple is daunting.
I'll go through your steps and see whether it makes sense to develop some others that mimic the PPW flow.  You were correct that I did not created a Merged/Stamped layer as the first step
(who would have thought it necessary for an image with one layer?). I had already grappled with how to do Apply Image. Different model, but not so difficult. And lots of limitations, including some
really frustrating ones about getting the layer order  you want (apparently, you can't move the layers around in a macro, so you  have to be careful about the order you create them.

There are some interesting ways of approaching things in Affinity and I do see a lot of nice features in it. I especially like the way LAB adjustments are integrated (you don't go to LAB to do them). But I found some typical moves in color correction (outside of the PPW panel itself) difficult to do. Maybe it's just too new to me at this point.

If I go further with this and actually get some decent macros developed, I'll certainly post them here.

John Bongiovanni

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