Re: Choir: Results

Bill Theis

mine=#712: I went for shape in the faces as my goal and was happy with the result.  My color was a bit tepid since I was attempting to avoid oversaturating the faces (no swarthy faces!).  However with a saturation adjustment layer (+100 saturation at say 30% opacity) and I pretty much recover par color.  So maybe a good idea is that when I do the Auto Tone check I might also do a quick test with such a layer? 

Another matter is printing that red:  isn't it out of gamut?

With regard at par, I am not fond of the greens of the leaves of the poinsettias and the wreaths--dull and too yellow.  Do this and you get saturated blue columns on the altar, which I find attractive.  Same for the painting--so is this important?  or are the faces the emphasis?

Good shape on the faces for 704 and 711.  Good alter greenery on 704, mine, 731, 720, and 712. 

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