moderated Case Study: Land of Pagodas

Dan Margulis

Two of our last three case studies, plus the eleventh, optional one, have to do with civilizations that antedate Western European influence. Our first stop is the shot I promised you when we started work on Sunset on the Beach.
Myanmar, f/k/a Burma, is home of some of the kindest and friendliest people in the world, also the most devoted practitioners of Buddhism. We find ourselves at dawn in the Bagan district, home to several thousand religious structures, some of which are a thousand years old. 
As with Sunset on the Beach, a large swath of this original is much too dark, and we have an infinite number of possibilities for interpretation. Unlike Sunset on the Beach, complaints about the incompetence of the photographer won't cut it, as this one was shot by Vincent Versace.
In spite of its rich history, and its wealth of natural resources, the country has suffered perhaps more than any other in the world over the last two centuries, having to react to occupations by greedy foreign powers, disastrous cyclones, civil wars that have been going on for more than 70 years, and a brutal, corrupt military government. So, there is room to make this a sad picture as well as a happy one.
You may wish to review an article in the Atlantic magazine, which has two dozen large photos of the area and should give some ideas on how to proceed.
*In the Photos section, 2021 Case Study: Land of Pagodas,
I have uploaded a version opened with Camera Raw defaults, and another where the settings were much flatter. You may use either, or fetch the .nef as below. DO NOT WORK ON THE THUMBNAIL ATTACHED TO THIS MESSAGE.
* does not allow .nef format in the Photos section. If you want the .nef raw version, you must download a zipped file from the Files section. NOTE: the zipped file contains the two default images as well, you don't need to download them separately.
*The designated size of this exercise is 3011 x 2000 pixels. If you use the .nef image be sure to open into the correct size. Do not crop, rotate, alter the sizing, apply any lens correction, or delete any tangible objects, because doing any of these things will make it impossible to use your version as part of a par assembly. We recommend that as soon as you acquire, you apply one of the default versions to it to make sure that all pixels line up.
Except as indicated in the above paragraph, you can use whatever methods you like to improve the picture.
*Please keep clear records of what you did for discussion. List members find these very valuable.
*Your final file is to be sRGB with a proper tag. If you work in a different RGB you must Edit: Convert to Profile>sRGB before submitting the file.
*When finished, save in JPEG form, quality level 9. E-mail it to me, dmargulis (at), with your brief explanation of how you produced it. DO NOT POST IMAGES TO THE LIST.
*Remember that some e-mail clients automatically downsize image attachments. Make sure you’re sending it to me at the original size.
*Entries close Monday morning, 22 March, at 06:00 Eastern/1000Z/11:00 ora italiana.
*Rather than confirm every entrant I've received, I will periodically post the initials of everyone whose file I have.
*As soon as convenient after the deadline, I'll post all the entrants in a random order. Names will not be revealed. Once discussion begins, those who wish to identify themselves publicly may do so.
*If the filename of your version contains your name or initials, they will be deleted before posting. If you want to be able to identify your version by name once posted, throw in a few extra letters at the end of the filename; I won't delete them.
*I will leave discussion of the results to the group for the first two days after posting, and will then weigh in with my own opinion.

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