Affinity Photo Macros

John Bongiovanni

Based on a post here, I bought Affinity Photo and am exploring using it as a possible Photoshop alternative. I have been using Dan's PPW for quite a while, and I'm quite grateful for the PPW  Tools.

I wanted to go through the steps I run typically and see whether I could build macros to do them, at least at a rudimentary level. So I started with Bigger Hammer with no parameters (using the default values of channel, blur, opacity, etc). After more work than I would have thought, I was able to build a macro which did a reasonable job on one of my photos, not quite as good as the PPW version with apparently identical parameters. But when I used the macro on another photo, it failed in an extraordinary way. The layers that were built came from the original photo, and not the one I was working on, even though the original was not open.

The question to those of you who use Affinity is whether I'm running into a fundamental problem with macros there, or whether I just need to dig in deeper and figure out better how it works. 

John Bongiovanni

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