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Gerald Bakker

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 02:52 PM, Dan Margulis wrote:
Just because it’s the consensus view doesn’t mean it’s the correct one. #621, #617, and #626, possibly others, have a different agenda. They want a considerably warmer feel.
#603 OTOH is pretty much a “consensus” correction. Put, say, #609 on top of it in Color mode, and it’s an obvious improvement, because artistically the two versions are trying to achieve the same things but the color of #603 is Wrong.
The same test with #617 or #621 fails, as it should. If the strategy calls for a color different than the consensus, why should anyone be surprised that imposing consensus color doesn’t improve matters?
The fact that aspirin doesn’t prevent Covid doesn’t mean it’s not a useful medication. The fact that par color doesn’t improve #617 or #621 doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t  comply with certain recommendations. The color of #617 and #621 is just as Wrong as that of #603, there just isn’t at present an easy comparison that would prove it. I will therefore produce one in the next post.
Thanks a lot for this excellent and very instructive analysis. May I try to summarize your points in my own words:

- When doing color correction, a retoucher can choose a certain strategy (a golden look, strong contrast, whatever)
- One strategy is not necessarily better than another, let alone that one is correct and another is not
- When blending two versions that follow different strategies, a beneficial result is not guaranteed, even when blending with a version that is "better" overall
- A "golden look" should not be yellow. As a Dutchman, I prefer to call the addition of red/magenta "more orange"

I followed your suggested steps in the other post, resulting in entry 637. Very instructive again. For anyone wishing to do the same, I think step 9) should add "in Overlay mode".
Now I realize that I urgently need to refresh my knowledge about blending with LAB's A and B channels (chapter 17 in your latest LAB book). When I want my image to look more red, less blue, etc., I routinely add a Curves layer. Using the LAB color channels can be more effective in certain cases.
Gerald Bakker

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