Re: King of Beasts: Dan's comments

David Remington

Great comments from Dan based on experience and observation.
I'm going to jump in ahead of the chop with a mea culpa. I have been thinking that my 603 is a little green. Not drastically so but enough to look off.
I was aiming for "realistic" color with good detail and contrast. I still like my image and with a small adjustment to add red to the lion's fur I like it even better.
I find the par version a bit too red however and I prefer the contrast in my version. Layered with mine in luminance mode switching back and forth I find the par a bit washed out.
After reading Dan's initial comments I went looking for lion color and there is was in an archived version of the ISCC-NBS Dictionary of Color Names. "Lion" NBS-ISCC color numbers 76 and 77.
sRGB 196, 154, 116 and 136, 102, 72 for light and dark versions. Lab 67L 13a 26b and 46L 11a 23b. Right on Dan's 1:2 numbers.
I made a new version for myself using this ratio as a guide and it is an improvement. I also lit up the eyes a bit. This has been a great exercise. I enjoy seeing what the group comes up with and thinking through Dan's critiques. I look forward to reading the details to come on this one.

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