Re: King of Beasts: Results

Bill Theis

mine was 612

The biggest thing I missed IMHO was keeping the eyes bright when I did the channel blends!  But there are other things:  With no strong shadows, I felt the lion was in deep shade and so had an image much darker than par.  Adding Levels with center slider at 1.24 fixes it.  Also I should have been more liberal with the red-headed beast and allowed his mane to saturate quite a bit more.  Sorry, forgot that lions look this way.  Went on the internet to look at images and they were no help since they were all over the place. So 3 bad judgment calls.

It is always good to know one's shortcomings and this is a great learning experience.  Again.

As to a comment on the others:  There was a considerable variation with alot of dark ones, darker than mine, and contrasty.  I did a selection of 10 and blended to something that I liked more than PAR from (in order from the top layer down) 632 (color blend 50%), 633 (color ), 624 (lighter color-nice eyes), 615 (normal 30%) all atop 604. 

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