King of Beasts: Results

Dan Margulis

I’ve posted the results of the King of Beasts exercise, the sixth in a series of 11 case studies.

Reviewing: This image from the San Diego Zoo is our final trip to the MIT study.
We have 35 entries. Most people also submitted a list of their steps, thanks very much. I haven’t read these, because I’d rather get a sense of who was successful and who wasn’t before investigating why.

The files don’t have people’s names on them, and were random-generator numbered from #601 to #635. As with past studies, we also have a “par” version, #636. To get it, I chose five that I thought were among the best entrants, and averaged them, each one weighted 20%. This often creates a version that is superior to most if not all of its parents.

Normally I don't comment on results for two days after they're posted. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know how your own version stacked up, download the par version and compare the two directly. Do you think you got the same kind of quality? If not, I hope you’ll find further discussion useful.

The Folder is in the group's Photos section, 2021 Case Study: King of Beasts,

I also have zipped all 36 entries and uploaded a file to our Files section,
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If you are going to study these versions I strongly encourage you to download these files. Many of these entrants vary only in a minor way and it is hard to see the impact of a change without toggling back and forth between them.

I look forward to your comments.

Dan Margulis

P.S. When I posted the Hotel Lobby source files, I remarked that I thought it was one of the two easiest ones we would be doing. The other, as you may have guessed, was this lion exercise. But never fear, you'll have plenty to make up for it in our next case study, which will be announced today in a separate post.

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