Re: Bellagio: Dan's comments

Edward Bateman

Thank you so much Dan!

You are such a great teacher - and I love your sense of humor! You always amaze me... in so many ways. Thank you! As someone who teaches, it is a treat to get a critique from the Master. I always learn things from you... and my class worked on the Lion yesterday as a way to learn. It is so cool to already observe my students seeing more critically. And I have a color blind student who is amazed that now he can do good color correction! Thanks yet again!

Just a quick question. (I'm not afraid anymore to show my ignorance :)

Wouldn't the cyan/blue under lighting make the fountains visually seem more warm in contrast?

No, the subdued cyan underlighting simply means that the designers understood something that we’ve all just learned the hard way: warm casts, especially yellow ones, are quite obnoxious in this context. So they’re making sure that we perceive the water as a cool white, not a warm one.
Wish I knew how to thank you!

-Edward Bateman

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