Re: Bellagio: Dan's comments

Bill Theis

My apology to Paco Márquez.  I said of 528 "looks like the colors may have been painted it-they were not the actual residual colors" when it was explained that they were colors taken from behind the water in the buildings.  Great Job!! you did what I only was dreaming of and hoping for in my image 524.  What I did instead of retouching was to jack the fountain color up with another MMM+CB isolated to the fountain.  As am exercise. I did take and play with the hue of the water in my image to take it away from the orange/yellow and that is another important thing that totally escaped me.  And Dan is right that they wouldn't get be able to get a garish effect like I had in my image--but if they could, I'm sure they would.

A very satisfying and educational exercise, especially Dan's demonstrations.  I don't always think to blend things quite in those creative ways.  Thanks again. 

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