Re: Bellagio at Night: Results #case-study-results

Robert S Baldassano

My entry was 501. As a series these exercises have been a humbling experience. I used to think I was pretty good using PPW, at least on the images I created, but when I moved from San Jose CA to Napa in late 2019, my computer was down for about 6 months before I managed to fix it and just the effect of not doing any post processing, it made my familiarity of using PPW a bit rusty. In general I did not spend much time on this image  as it seemed simple. I used 2 color set points one on a high window and one on white water. I then went through the usual steps. I did reference the video and tried to match the color of the building, and that is why my building is pale. I am guilty of having some yellow in my water, but I thought that reflected possible yellow lighting in the fountain. Other images without yellow water I liked were 504,511, 536 and 527. I guess the last image of the lion will be my only chance to redeem myself.


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