Re: Retired need to sell off some kit

Edward Bateman

There is a renewed interest in chemical photography with the younger generation. You might see if the photo department at your nearest university would be willing to post your items on their bulletin board. (But probably harder these days with many students being mainly online). I know that I have students who try to set up darkrooms... but they don't have much money. But they can be hungry for equipment.

-Edward Bateman

Quoting Robert Wheeler <>:

This issue came up when a person wanted to donate darkroom equipment, printing papers, and chemicals to our local camera club (Vancouver, WA). The club does not have a physical presence and would need to dispose of the stuff and keep the cash. A camera store in Portland, OR, that sells used equipment stopped accepting darkroom equipment more than 10 years ago. The Portland Arts program has a community darkroom, but is shut down for the pandemic and not accepting donations. Another community darkroom also was unable to accept anything due to pandemic shut down. Another used camera equipment store still accepts selected darkroom equipment on consignment, and some supplies as donation, but they generally don't buy such stuff to resell. Could not find a high school, community college, or local college willing to even accept donated equipment. Such stuff shows up on Craigslist from time to time, but success rate for actually making a sale is not clear. We were not able to accept the donation, so the person is going to try selling online a bit at a time. Better opportunities may exist in other communities or other countries.Hope you are able to use this information, dismal though it may be.
Robert Wheeler

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