Re: A growing career

Henry Davis

I come from a commercial printing background from the 70’s, not photography.

Maybe my point would have been clearer had I mentioned my favorite tactile photo album experiences. Those would be the old family albums, many of them with brittle bindings and B&W photos trying to remain on the paper pages, corners stuck down with those little triangles. Even repairing them is a treat, everybody gathered around handling our personal history.

I’m not anti-digital it’s just that digital doesn’t offer me the same experience. I have adapted. I even enjoyed days past when the slide projector came on the scene.

Henry Davis

On Feb 27, 2021, at 2:05 PM, James Gray <> wrote:

The new experience does a lot for me. I do not know what Henry's experience and background are . . .
. . . I have not bothered to mention the "photo album" that people carry around in their pockets most of the time.

James Gray

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