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john c.

For most people, the future is called your own printer. With today's automated color management, it's no longer necessary to go to a lab to get pretty good and often great results. Extraordinary results still require an expert, but experts have less perceived value than in the past since home equipment does so much for so little. That leaves the cream of the crop all vying for the high end corporate work which naturally begets an over supply of high end talent for a small and diminishing market. The biggest labs have invested millions in grand format equipment to basically make signage and other display and industrial imaging products, not photofinishing. Retouching and restoration is quickly becoming automated through A.I. after having been outsourced to low wage foreign countries for years, so they aren't secure business models. Safe niche markets don't last long if they're profitable.

But it's not just our industry that's being hit. Artificial intelligence is replacing human workers of all types, not only drivers and factory workers, but now even doctors, lawyers and accountants stand to be replaced with systems that can do their jobs better, cheaper and faster. What we're seeing was the 20th century promise of a future where machines did the work while people enjoyed a life of leisure. Well we got both of those, but they forgot to include a way for most people to have incomes.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Stand up comics still have no competition from machines - yet! But I'm sure they're working on it. One day we'll all die laughing by algorithms.


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On 2/26/2021 8:47 PM, Henry Davis wrote:

I love the old photo album, a real page-turner.
Henry Davis

The smartphone is a photo album.

Everybody is walking around with
a photo album in their pocket.
(thousand of photos)

I never seen so many people just
looking at photos every minute, hour,
every day on their smartphone.

Eventually, everyone is going to want to transfer
all those photos to some other place...

photofinishing of the future.

Hector Davila

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