Re: Beach at Sunset: Results #case-study-results

Edward Bateman

Hello everyone - mine was #430.

I learned a lot from this one... mainly about myself. 

I did an experiement. I did 3 corrections on 3 different days, using different techniques. The first day, I did a more-or-less typical PPW process.  The next day, I did a version only with RAW tools.  It was interesting to see the difference... I think in part informed by how my first one looked. I combined the two at about 60%.  Then the next day, I did a new one - more or less using PPW tools - but again, I think what I learned form teh previous work informed different choices. And that got blended in... at about 50%. I took another look... and then at the last minute, added DMs default Highlight/Shadows (at about 75% strength)... and that is what I turned in. 

I decided that the woman was the most important subject - people almost always are... and it was what she would want to see... especially on a vacation. But the sky would be important to her too... and needed to be quite vivid and dramatic to match her memory. We probably exaggerate our memories ... so I felt the image needed that for the woman's expectations.  I suspect that the full reality of what the scene looked like than here remembered memory of it. 


-Edward Bateman


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