Re: Beach at Sunset: Results #case-study-results

James Gray

I like your version quite a lot.

Jim Gray

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 3:09 PM David Remington <david_remington@...> wrote:
My version is #406 and Dan quoted my original thoughts in his post below. create a nice vacation you remember the scene when thinking fondly of the moment.
When I look at it now with the inevitable hindsight and in context of what I like in some of the other versions, I see the changes that would improve it.
I went with the violet purple color palette of the sunset sky, accentuated it and used it throughout the image. I wanted a uniform color scheme. Now it seems a little too cool and the contrast is too harsh. I like some of the softer takes. If I had shot this scene myself I would say I over lit it. Too much fill on the woman. I agree with those who think a bit darker would be more natural. Also, I went with a silhouette for the coastline. I appreciate how open it is in Paco's version. I would go somewhere in the middle. This is a piece where subjective interpretation has a lot leeway and it's interesting to see the different takes.

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