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Kent Sutorius

I am 428. I am a newbie to this group. Only completed 8 chapters of Professional Photoshop and 3 chapters of the LAB book. I also only do it with Affinity Photo. I don't understand how you decide on how light the foreground should be in the photograph. I also messed up my LAB channels for the sky. I ended up creating spare channels for the sky, water, mountains, and beach with girl. I then used a combination of LAB curves, brightness/contrast. Vibrance/saturation was also used on the water. I am grateful for the number of comments people make on the challenges and the investment Dan makes with the group.

Kent Sutorius

On 2/22/2021 3:07 PM, Gerald Bakker wrote:
My version is 410.
Comparing it to the par (and to many others) reveals at least one weak point: the sky could have been more colorful. Other than that, I think I did a good job. 

I found the hard part of this image how light the foreground should be. Leave it too dark and detail gets lost. Make it too light and the combination with the colored evening sky becomes unrealistic. To be honest, I find the girl in the par version a little light, almost as if a flash light from the left had been used. Having to choose whether the sky/landscape or the girl is the primary focus of the image, I'd vote for the scenery. This is certainly not a model shot with a nice background, it's a landscape image with the girl as a foreground element.
Gerald Bakker

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