Re: Concert on Beach: Results

Hector Davila

Mines is 336.

I didn't see any color problems,
just brightness problems.

So I did a Curves White point
on the kid staring at the camera,
on his t-shirt arm.

Moving down his shoulder arm
t-shirt until it looks like
a bright sunny day to go to
a beach concert.

But then I realize the top half
needed to be selected to match
the bottom half (which a machine
learning doesn't see to do)

Then I threw all of PPW panel
kitchen sink at the whole picture.

H-K 50% Luminosity only
Color-boost 16%  /  minus red
Skin-Desaturation 19%
VelvetHammer 16%
Sharpen 2012  20%
DarkenSKY/ minus blue

Hector Davila

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