Re: Mantillas: Results

Hector Davila

Mines is number 232.

Of course Colors is what is most important
to bring out first.
(since the colors appear to be washed out
on the three women)

So, I focused on the little boy and the
woman behind him. (they have the most colors)

Increasing colors makes his hair a full brown color,
and her hair appears to be reddish brown.

That increases the hair colors on the 3 women, Brown.

(i don't do 'color by numbers' cause I'm allergic to numbers)

And I try to increase all the colors I can find
(regardless if the colors are correct or not)

Then if you want
you can adjust the colors to your liking
(or the clients liking)
and add any details you feel it needs.

Hector Davila

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