Re: How does Luminance slider in Camera Raw split colors by their hue? #colortheory #photoshop #lightroom #colors


First off, thank you for your answers! For sure you know way more about colors than me.

Just to clarify my objective a bit - I'm working on a photo editor software and I'm trying to implement color controls which would look familiar to a Lightroom/Photoshop user.
I've got the basics working, but can't figure out which color model to use.

For the images processed in the software I start with RGB and I've tried converting to HSL, HSV & CIE Lab. For each model I allow the user to change the values that make up the color model then convert it back to RGB for displaying on the screen in real-time.

The issue I have is setting the "intervals" affected for a certain color. For ex. for red #FF0000 I tried converting it to HSL and tried to consider reds the colors with a close hue value (I know it's wrong). I've also tried using some vector math to determine the distance between various colors in the image to "clump" them together around red.

I'm not really getting good results, aside from the CIE Lab model - however, that gives me a few aberrations and unexpected overlaps of colors.

So probably the right question to ask would be which is a good algorithm to determine color similarity?


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